PICKLE – a  cucumber that has been preserved and flavoured in a pickling solution, such as brine or vinegar.                -informal – an awkward or difficult situation:to be in  a pickle.

MEMORY – the ability of the mind to store and recall past sensations, thoughts, knowledge, etc                                              

                        – a particular recollection of an event, person, etc.

I think that memories can be bittersweet and can change or even be lost over time. Memories/experiences help to make us into the people that we are today and we should honour and record those experiences to reflect upon them and share with others.



2 Responses to About

  1. Tess says:

    I had such a craving for pickles the other day. Should have known it was this site calling.

    • Hey Tess
      Hope it did the trick! Thanks for stopping in! 🙂 Who knew they actually have quotes about pickles….

      “Pickles are cucumbers that sold out.”
      ~Mitch Hedberg


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