My user name….

Arms Wide Open

In my blog class, Liv lane challenged us to join her and share something real on our blogs.

I’ve been pondering this and other things. I remember signing up for this blog class it asked us for a username, which immediately made me think of the old trucker handles, “Big Poppa”,” Little Mama”, “Bruiser Bear”.

I have never taken an online class, I was a little intimidated/unsure about the “rules” and what exactly it meant? Would it be boring to use my real name? Should it be something zen and dreamy like “Flowering Pea”? “Rainbow Girl”? Or warrior and projected “She who has great power”, “Thundering Dreams”?

Did I tell you that I spend a lot of time on my own? Lots of time to think! (Not to mention that my blog is fledgling at best!)

So, I decided to compromise…. I chose “deb <arms wide open>”  I remember watching Star Trek Next Generation, when it first came out. Jean-Luc Picard was stranded on a planet with an alien, they didn’t speak the same language. Actually they didn’t speak the language in the same way and they had to rely on each other for survival while struggling to communicate/understand each other. I remember the alien guy talking about himself as “Temba arms wide open.”

Over the years I have thought of that phrase and what it meant. To me it meant that he was open to exchange, to truth, to possibility, to the world around him and even being vulnerable.

This morning as I felt the wind brushing past me, while I walked the rutted country road alone with my dog and my thoughts, I couldn’t help but open my arms and smile as I thought of embracing change of thought and being open to the world around me!

In choosing my username it was an acknowledgement to myself that we all communicate in a different manner and that I am willing to put myself out there. I allow myself the time and space that I need to “feel understood and find my tribe!” Trusting that they exist and that my thoughts are worth sharing!

Here’s a clip of that Star Trek episode:

Here’s to the journey! “Temba His Arms Wide Open!”


“Courage is being scared to death… and saddling up anyway.  ~John Wayne”

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6 Responses to My user name….

  1. Love this! Arms open wide – and heart, too! So glad you linked up!

  2. I absolutely LOVE this! Love it!
    Big embrace to you
    and your wide open heart:)

  3. How fun to hear the story of why you chose what you did! Thank you for sharing.

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