It’s a new day!

Well, here it is Jan 1, 2012, all fresh with promise and possibilty!

I am still stewing with my possible promises “resolutions”. I do want to do a 365 project, a picture a day. I think that would be awesome, hopefully it won’t be the same tractor or dog x 366! (apparently it’s a leap year!!) We’ll have to see what we can do!

I did an 11 x 13 storybook of my nature pictures last year and it was fabulous! I am finishing up my 2011 book. But I love the idea of visual snippets of life!

I found this article about the 365 project, thought it was helpful!

And this has a differnt spin, go to the same spot over time, doable!

When I was trying to find my way back into my blog I found this great article on differnt 365 projects!

I am excited for a new year, filled with potential! I vow to allow myself the time and space to be creative and give myself permission to be who I am!

Here’s to the journey!


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My user name….

Arms Wide Open

In my blog class, Liv lane challenged us to join her and share something real on our blogs.

I’ve been pondering this and other things. I remember signing up for this blog class it asked us for a username, which immediately made me think of the old trucker handles, “Big Poppa”,” Little Mama”, “Bruiser Bear”.

I have never taken an online class, I was a little intimidated/unsure about the “rules” and what exactly it meant? Would it be boring to use my real name? Should it be something zen and dreamy like “Flowering Pea”? “Rainbow Girl”? Or warrior and projected “She who has great power”, “Thundering Dreams”?

Did I tell you that I spend a lot of time on my own? Lots of time to think! (Not to mention that my blog is fledgling at best!)

So, I decided to compromise…. I chose “deb <arms wide open>”  I remember watching Star Trek Next Generation, when it first came out. Jean-Luc Picard was stranded on a planet with an alien, they didn’t speak the same language. Actually they didn’t speak the language in the same way and they had to rely on each other for survival while struggling to communicate/understand each other. I remember the alien guy talking about himself as “Temba arms wide open.”

Over the years I have thought of that phrase and what it meant. To me it meant that he was open to exchange, to truth, to possibility, to the world around him and even being vulnerable.

This morning as I felt the wind brushing past me, while I walked the rutted country road alone with my dog and my thoughts, I couldn’t help but open my arms and smile as I thought of embracing change of thought and being open to the world around me!

In choosing my username it was an acknowledgement to myself that we all communicate in a different manner and that I am willing to put myself out there. I allow myself the time and space that I need to “feel understood and find my tribe!” Trusting that they exist and that my thoughts are worth sharing!

Here’s a clip of that Star Trek episode:

Here’s to the journey! “Temba His Arms Wide Open!”


“Courage is being scared to death… and saddling up anyway.  ~John Wayne”

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Why I (want to) blog

At first I signed up for a blog because I was told I should do it as an extension of my Heritage Makers Business. (I am an Independent Consultant)

I set up a blog but immediately felt intimidated by it and overwhelmed!

I felt like I was in over my head. Not really sure what I wanted. But I knew that I didn’t want it to be “just a commercial”.

I wanted it to be real, have soul and interest! I knew that much.

I felt paralyzed, afraid to make a move and do the “wrong thing!”

Began to feel personal like an analogy for my life.

Lost in the country, not really sure what my purpose is. Full of ideas, afraid to speak up say the wrong thing to the wrong person.

Feeling out of context!

Like I had gone soft, slowly removed all my corners in the event that I may offend another.

Which essentially left me feeling silenced and disconnected, purposeless, bumbling along.

I made a conscious effort to be more creative. Which started with seeking after and allowing the creative into my life.

I got a Photography Class as a present, took an all day Art Journalling Workshop. I bought art supplies, I ripped up magazines.

I found a magazine on ARTFUL BLOGGING (by Somerset Studios) and was blown away because I didn’t know there was such a thing!

I was struck by the beauty and simplicity of the blogs featured. (Nov/Dec/Jan 2011 issue)Seemed like they were all hands on images, drawn, painted, mixed media. It spoke to me in a way that resonated and made me excited!

I started buying magazines ARTFUL BLOGGING, THE ART OF PAPER AND MIXED MEDIA, CLOTH PAPER SCISSORS. I browsed them, fawned over the photos.

I kept in touch with the Art Journal teacher. I helped out  at the Art Gallery. I added artsy things on Facebook. I looked at them on the internet. I brought my camera on my daily walk abouts.

I stumbled across Choosing Beauty with Liv Lane. ( Liked her simple blog, read about her blog e-course got excited!

I waffled about it even posted a question. I took the plunge signed up for it.

Excitedly checked in, every time I read a new post, I could hardly breathe, felt a wave of nausea.

Quickly felt that finding my meaning and purpose for my blog crosses over into my life. all the ways that I feel lost, drifting, not fulfilling my purpose, overlooked, unseen and OUT OF CONTEXT!

Time to dust off and remember who I am! Here I am!

Why I want to blog?

I want to blog:

~ to reach out to my customers and potential customers

~ to explore/express my creativity

~ to be involved with the world beyond my doorstep

~ remember who I am !

~ to stay in touch, be connected!


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So, I’ve been thinking about memories and the purpose that they serve. We can use them to shelter us from the storms of life, reflecting on the good times and using them to buoy us up. Or we can use them to hide from life, anchoring ourselves in time, frozen in some drama real or imagined.

It is interesting the way that we use our memories and eventually become defined by them.  Memories are curious things, some are locked tightly in our hearts, some we wear like badges or scars, some follow us like phantoms hovering about us just beyond our sight.

I think that it is important to honour our memories by dusting them off, acknowledging them and seeing them for what they really are.


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new framed canvases

New framed canvases, sleek and elegant!

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Catalog 2010-2011

Here is the new catalog for the 2010-2011 year.

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I still haven’t figured this out (blog) but I must make an entry for 7th day of the 7th month!

It was beautiful, bright shiny and HOT here today!

I found a great venue to host a digi-day!  Under the Willow Cafe in Dawson Creek, July 20th, 10-4.

It is a cozy little cafe with delicious homemade meals from locally grown and organic foods.

And while I was there had a discussion and demo with a great lady!

Woohoo! Well, that’s my day in a nutshell….

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